Great Lakes Vending

Micro-Market Services

A Fresh Market in your workplace that allows you purchase product with just a fingerprint or employee badge. The Queue allows you to pick up and look at all products in the market, giving you the ability to look at the nutritional values and ingredients. Variety and different sizes that would not fit in a traditional vending machine are available for purchase at any time. This allows for higher employee satisfaction which increases productivity and overall moral.

Concierge Services

We designed our concierge services around you. Vending Services are not for everyone, many workplaces wish to offer beverages, snacks, and even workplace materials at no charge. We bring you the items you need to do this. We are all doing more with less these days and we are here to help you accomplish that goal. Whether it is a bowl of fruit, or stocking a refrigerator with beverages, we provide it. If you need something we will do our best to provide it. Get rid of those snack boxes and try a concierge service where you order what you want not what is brought to you. Think outside the box,
try it here!